Hi Ryan,

I imagine that reality is somewhere in between.  You know because besides allot 
of walks, allot of batters are called out watching strike three.  Plus if 
everyone can see the pitches so well why do batters so often swing too early, 
too late, too high, too low, at a pitch in the dirt etc and then argue about 
the call?

Hey you know in a few weeks I turn 52.  I know that my reaction time has gotten 
a bit slower from my youth.  But so it is sometimes hard for me to know exactly 
how hard or easy to make some of the events in the games.

And than also if the pitching in the baseball game was going to be totally 
realistic, I would need to add lots of artificial intelligence.  You know first 
pitch outside and see how the batter swings and adjust the next pitch for that 
etc.  Sorry, but I am not going to get into all of that.


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On some of the mechanics of baseball, professional or otherwise, I have to
respectfully disagree with you. By watching all aspects of the pitch,
including its delivery, spin, direction, force, velocity, etcetera, a
baseball player is often able to tell whether a pitch will be a ball or a
strike long before it enters the strike zone. If he cannot tell by the time
it has entered the zone, he has the option to check his swing before the bat
circles all the way around in order to avoid the strike call.

Certainly determining whether a pitch is a ball or a strike is a very
delicate thing, but it is not as difficult as you guys are saying. Many
commentators are able to tell not only where the pitch is bound, but also
what the actual pitch is--slider, sinker, knuckle ball, and so on. If the
commentators can't tell, the player can, and the umpire definitely can. In
addition, if it were so impossible to determine ball vs. strike, why are
there so many walks in baseball? Players don't just hack at everything that
crosses the plate; that's not real baseball.

My argument in all of this is that the game makes determining the difference
between a ball and a strike nearly impossible for a casual gamer. I don't
argue that it should be made painfully simple, but I think that the
difficulty factor should be ratcheted down some. There is something to be
said for practice; I think that it should be required in any game to give it
replay value. But when even the developer admits to swinging at virtually
every pitch, something is off the scale.

I do think you put together a fun game, Jim, and I appreciate all of the
work that went into it. I just think that you could give the player a bit
more control and a bit more satisfaction if the pitches weren't such a
precise science.

I would welcome any discussion on this, however.



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