I stil! can't get Vip mud to read the prompt line in materia magica, ---- or 
medeivia for that matter. 

Said line is <97hp 150sp 174st> 

David greenwood even suggested a scripting command, ---- #trig {[<]hp*[>]} 
{#say %1 voiceonly}

I tried this, ---- nothing! I modified the triger to < * > ----- nothing. 

I tried < * > * ---- nothing. 

I tried < * hp * mp * sp * st > ----- nothing! 

In fact none of the triggers i've tried have had any effect on the blasted 
program at all thanks to this conflict betwene mud output text and sapi 

I'm incredibly close to asking David greenwood for my money back, ---- sinse I 
bought vip mud on the pretext that it had ms sapi support, ----- which (if it 
will not read standard status line0, it plainly does not. 

I'd muuuuuuch! rather get this fixed, but I'm at absolute whits end! 

I've tried multiple voices, ----- and even multiple computers thanks to my 
laptop, ---- and stil nothing! works! 

As you might tell, I'm slightly irritated about this! 

Any advice, ---- particularly anything I haven't tried would be great. 

Beware the grue! 

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