Hi, earlier on When Kelvin and I were testing battle racing for Che, we felt 
that it could be  overwellming for many gamers out there and we had ideas for a 
new multi-player game. coincidently, Our ideas and your plans have their 
similarities. I think it will be fun and adictive and yet not difficult to 
learn. It's a shooting game but definitely not just moving the left and right 
arrow to shoot.
It could be 1 on 1 combat or up to 3 on each side. Your objective is to protect 
your base and yourself and destroy your enemy. This is our rough idea of the 
game. I will use a game board to describe the battle field so is easier to 
picture it. The game board is 20 by 25. Your territory is from A1 to T10 and 
enemy is A16 to T25. Using bottom left as a guide, you have 4 healing stations 
spread out evenly across A3 to T3. You have to be directly in front of that 
station to block the shot. The 2 squares behind the stations are your healing 
and shield recharge zones. Same for your enemy where the healing stations are 
facing each other. From A11 to T15 is the no shooting zone, meaning u cannot 
shoot from that area, but if your enemy is at his own territory, he can shoot 

You: move around and destroy your enemy. If you are in range with him, he is 
also in range with you. If being shot, you can either dodge or turn on your 
The shield is the only thing you can use to block the enemy bullets from 
shooting your bass. The limitations are, when is on, you cannot move. and it 
can only be active for a limited time, say about 20 seconds. You have to 
recharge it from time to time by staying behind any of the healing stations. 
During the process, you can't do any thing. Is all up to your partner to defend 
the territory then. Your shield will also not block the bullets if your partner 
accidently shoot you from behind.

Your gun: the speed is about 1 bullet every second. You have unlimited ammo, 
but it can only load up to 6 bullets at every 1 time. You can shoot any thing 
that is directly in front of you, including your friend. The closer you are to 
your enemy, the less time he has to react. I mean, if you shoot your enemy from 
b1 and he is at B25, he has more time to turn on the shield or move to the next 
square before the bullet reaches. If you are at B10 and he is at B16, is almost 
immediat. Again, you are in range, he is also in range.

powerups: There are a few that we thought of including rapid fire, lazer that 
can shoot across a few squares, invisible to enemy and a nusty item. Invisible 
of course is also for a limited time, not more than 5 seconds. During that 
power time, you can go to your enemy territory to shoot, but if your power runs 
out before you get back to your zone, your health decreases. Haven't thought of 
what the nusty item does yet. The items appear randomly at any where from A13 
to t13. Any1 on the field can go snatch it. When it appears, you won't know 
what it is until someone gets it. It could be a nusty item or nothing. haha!

Ok, I hope my explanation is not too confusing for you. If you think this can 
be worked out, we can discuss about it in more detail. What I read from the 
blind gamers list, it sounds like many of them are into shooting combat games. 
I think this not to complicated for them and challenging for all.

boom boom boom

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