the following is a klango forum post about classic dos games. also if anyone 
knows if any night football for dos works in windows I'd like to have the full 
copy of that game, along with full copy of world series baseball for dos. 

And now, for even "more" good news! Listen to the following from Phil "very" 

Hi Trenton
I finally broke down and purchased a new computer with Vista.
I will be trying out my DOS games on it.
Is there something you did to get Jim Kitchen's DOS games to work on your 

Yes folks, they work wonderflly on "Vista!"

And now, my message to Phil himself:

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  From: Trenton Matthews 
  To: p...@pcsgames.net 
  Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 1:20 PM
  Subject: Kitchen's Inc Games For Dos Confirmed On Vista Platform!

  Hello Phil,

  If you can't upload any of the dos games that you have, can I at least donate 
something to you for the game snipe hunt or Panzars In North Africa? Jim's Dos 
version of bopit game has no problems with the Vista basic machine I have. 
  So I just wanted to let ya know that they are working fine on my machine with 
no problems.  I know you're probably annoyed by now about this, I just wanted 
to let ya know that I am not having any problems.
  All you'd have to do, is make a disclaimer on your dos games page that no 
support for these titles is available, and if something happens to their pc, 
its not your fault. 
  Your dos games for the blind, are like what the atari was for the sighted 
gamer. They may not have been workable with every sound card on the market, but 
at least you provided different sound drivers for the game to at least have a 
way to produce its sounds, and I liked what you created! 
  Windows may be the way of the future, however DOS still has its pride. 
  You can still make your windows port of all the games you've ever made, but 
just like the sighted gamer, there isn't a sighted that could not be found 
online for free. And that's why I, and at least 5 other folks want the games 
back on the market!  And here's proof to that claim:
  One of the users on Klango has started a petition to get these games back. If 
you don't want to bring back your "famous" games for me, then do it for your 
fans of the audio gaming world, and I just don't mean for the "audiogames.net" 
web site! And yes, on the front page close to the top of the galaxy, it says "A 
devision of PCS Games!" 
  The "Gaming Galaxy" was made in your honor, and the only way its "going 
away," is if your web site does. 
  I just wanted you to know that. 
  Take care, and happy gaming!

I think we "wrapped" this up no didn't we!

2008-11-10 02:48:48

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