Good news. I've done some poking around an I've found an open-source Train Sim. 
It's called "Open BVE". The main menu is the most accessible of the Train Sims 
I've tried.
Here's my rundown. Keep in mind this is days old in my head, so it hasn't been 
fleshed out much.

OpenBVE: Main Menu partially accessible. There's a radio button with "Start new 
game", "Review last game", "Controls", and "Options" that I can't get to with 
MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator): Main menu not accessible.
Railworks: Main menu not accessible.
Trainz 2009: Main menu not accessible.

Download site: 

-Follow this! Took me a few hours of tinkering to finally get it to work. Maybe 
I can ZIP a working copy for others. 

Youtube vid with audio:
-Sounds quite good for freeware!

Since OpenBVE is open-source, we might be able to ask the developers to add 
sounds to actions (brakes release, brakes applied, etc) 
and indicators for variables (speed, block speed limit, next block speed, 
signal status, etc etc)
I've used an old program, "FS2002FA", to issue voice commands to the sim, and 
it seems to work great. "Increase throttle", "Emergency brake", and so on.

I'll try to make an audio demo next week after my hellish gov't final is done.

Let's hope this can be made a reality!

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