I personally think miriani is lame. You spend three quarters of your time fending off annoying, so-called space pirates who think they need to get in a virtual pissing contest with anyone who blinks at them funny to prove a point, or mess with someone just cause they feel like it. If I wanted to deal with behavior like that I'd go play some old godwars clones, or godwars2 on a regular basis. At least on godwars you can't have everything you've ever worked for stolen because you don't feel like spending 3 hours of your time moving around a sector while someone with billions and billions of credits launches sectors full if interdictors and chases you around in a BC, eventually calling in backup if they can't deal with you on their own and overwhelming you with odds. The gameplay itself gets tedius as well, you've got about 6 choices of activities, only 2 of which are worth doing and even those are tedius after a while. Yes these are just my opinions, and no I won't be responding to any defence of the mud, I played it for a couple months and thus believe these opinions to be well-formulated. I have no problems with defending what's mine in an uncontrolled environment, but I think its pushing the limits of ridiculous when it takes you between an hour and a day to pull off said defense, and then people can't just drop it there and go find something better to do. Not to mension immature and petty actions like stranding and droid stealing are allowed, things that by all right 90% of people have no fair chance of defending against and for the most part aren't even crippling enough to be worth doing. It's just not that great of a game. I personally prefer a more controlled environment where solo play is more viable and you're free to do your own thing whenever and wherever you want rather than socializing in a public area only to suddenly be grabbed by some loser and forced to spend 24 hours in his ship for no better reason than because he can make you. But again, these are just my opinions. Call it complaining if you want, but I for one give miriani a hard thumbs down. --------------------------------------------------

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