Such is the way of all muds, no matter how advanced. From godwars2, the most advanced mud I've ever seen, all the way down the line to your basic diku, abyr and lp codebases, it all degenerates to the same thing in the end. Even games like miriani and star conquest where the killing is indirect, its all still grinding in my opinion. The difference in a lot of gamers is that there's different levels of grinding that people can deal with. Some people can play alter aeon all day and grind to their hearts content, even though the combat is hardly descriptive at all and grinding gets rather slow at higher levels. Some people need the more advanced miriani to get their grinding fix and earn their place on a game. Me personally, I generally don't like grinding in any form, but instead look for well-described combat or attack skills, for example: New moon, discworld, unofficial squaresoft mud. I also look for advanced mechanics, godwars2, project bob, etc. Very, very few muds interest me for long, and even the ones that do I get bored of eventually no matter how powerful I get, hence my ripping of miriani a few days back. Almost any mud, provided you've never played anything like it before, can start out good, but in the end it all turns into the same thing after a while.
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I am not being predgedist, but Alter Aeon, can get quite boring. Its just killing, and killing, and killing.

Tristan B

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