And that is exactly the problem game developers face. What would be the point in creating an infurior clone of MK or Street Fighter when the ones out there are already playable. Maybe not 100% accessible, but playable. All I could do is come up with an infurior clone that might get some interest, but I am not sure I can create something absolutely on par with the real MK or Street Fighter games. Maybe if I got hold of the sounds, music, etc I could come close, but that's a lot of work for a clone when the original is playable.

Scott Chesworth wrote:
I too am of the pursuation that would quite like to have a fighting
game rock my socks off, mainly because I'm too broke to own a console
at the moment.
Seems to me though having seen some of the PS3 and even the later PS2
titles that it would be a massive project to get it up to current
console standard.  There are so many games in this genre that are
playable to the point of being worth buying on consoles that anything
less would seem kinda pointless to me, unless it was ridiculously
adddictive in some non-standard way.
I think the developer that takes on this project is gonna have a lot
on their plate.  Without some real innovation or a touch of something
nobody is expecting, we're likely to end up with something not
dissimilar to Mortal Kombat 3 with talking menues at best.  I dunno if
I'd buy that, I already own MK3.
Not meaning to put a downer on a project that hasn't even started yet,
just musing really.

Something else I'd be very very interested in would be some
innovations to one of the open source musical game projects like frets
on fire to make it more accessible.  Sure rockband is playable, but
proper speech feedback with online play and such would be just the
ticket for me.  Can't imagine buying a whole console for it, but I can
definitely imagine buying the music controllers to hook up to the pc.


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