----- I hate to be a defeattist, but this is a lost cause guys.
As mentioned again and again, blind gamers don't even register on mainstream companies radars. The problem here it seems to me is people think " Oh, they just need to change this or that and we could have accessibility to this game" But it isn't that easy, in fact it is quite man hour intensive, and there is no way these game companies can recoup the loss in salary for the work.
 Consider this somewhat overblown analogy:
It is technically possible for blind people to drive cars. a system has been developed by Mercedes Benz where cars can recognize where other cars are located front to back. , systems could be developed to tell you where to turn, automatically break at the proper places, etc. Why aren't we all jumping up and down demanding this be done? Because we all know it would cost ungodly amounts of money and infrastructure re design to get it done. It simply isn't going to happen. If you ran a mainstream gaming company, you would look at things much the same way once you saw the numbers on what it would cost to include accessibility for the blind for your next title, versus the few extra sales you would get out of it. If you really want kick butt games out there for the blind, learn some programming, take that great idea you have and make it a reality. Trust me, it can be done. I did it, grin. You can help in other ways as well. If you bought a game and you think it is just the bee's knees, get the word out, let others know about it. our main source of marketing is word of mouth, we just need more words from your mouth, hehehe. Also, , if you are hosting any cracked versions of accessible games out there, stop and think a minute about the harm you are doing. It is apples and oranges comparing hosting mainstream title cracks versus accessible games. In such a small market, even one source of a cracked game is very harmful, while the big boys wouldn't even notice it. Please, just think about all the man hours that go into these projects and think about how you would feel if someone was out there robbing from you like that. I know there are more than a few people on this list that host cracked accessible games, and I just don't get you guys. Finally, rather than just complain about this or that about a title in development, provide constructive criticism, all developers want to hear how they can make their games better, but just complaining does no good to anyone.

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