It is funny, when i started looking into audiogames I sort of had a sense that the main developers were Bsc, Gma, Lworks, Draconis and Vip gameszone.

Now, two of those have virtually dropped off the map as far as new games go. I admit, i could be (and hope I am), surprised again, --- as I have been on several occasions when a games company i thought wasn't working anymore have pulled something great out of the bag, ---- like Gma and vip mud, or indeed (much as it pains me to admit it), Usa games when Tom first released a stable version of stfc.

In all the time i've been playing audiogames though sinse 2006, Bsc games have only made one rellease, ---- and that was troopanum 2 in Spanish. While I admit only a short time ago I'd have probably said the same thing about Gma, It does seem Bsc games have vanished a bith.

while I understand Justin has a job, it is rather a shame that there's absolutely no! way he can develope games at all, ---- even if at a slower pace the way people like Liam (and indeed Jason of Entombed), are doing currently.

the stuff they developed was top of the range a few years ago, ---- now though, I'd have to say in terms of commercial companies their being slightly superseeded by the work of people like Che martin and Liam.

That's why though I'd love to see another release from them, --- to up the anti a bit more.

Beware the grue!


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