traiding betwene players, it's more dynamic than based on static trade routes.

there's one central player market where you can buy and sell items,and a buyers market where you can put up contracts for people to fill if you need resources.

Buying from one person and selling to another really doesn't take part in the game. You either get resources by playing which you can then sell either to other players or an npc trader (though the npc trader gives basic prices), or you buy up resources and components and make them into other things with crafting skills which you then sell on.

That's of course not counting the mpc missions where some random person will commition you to go and get some resources, ---- but they're usually at a pretty great prophet.

It's actually much more fun than playing a standard traide route economy imho, ---- I personally always got board of those rather quickly (even in smugglers, I only trade as a back up to combat missions).


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