Hi, all.  I recently was reviewing the archives of recent messages and saw a 
discussion of the muds offered through Simutronics.  In case anyone is not 
aware, it is possible to play these games with your favorite mud client of 
choice.  To do so, you first must have an account with Simutronics for the game 
you wish to play.  Here is how I've been able to play these muds through telnet 
in the past.

Once you have an account and have downloaded the Simutronics launcher program 
and Wizard front-end, I'd also encourage you download a program called 
Simutronics game entry, which will allow you to log into the game by inputting 
your account name, password, and the game you wish to play.  It may be called 
Ultimate Simutronics Game Entry now.  Once you have logged in, the wizard 
program will load and put you into the game, and you'll likely hear some music 
to let you know you're in the mud.  Then you'll have to type quit to exit the 

Here's where the fun begins: playing through telnet.  When you log into the 
game with the wizard, a file is put into the root directory of your hard drive, 
usually your C drive.  The file is called gse.~xt.  It contains the 
authentication login key you'll need to access the game, and as an added bonus, 
it contains the host name and port you will telnet into, which I think is 
something like gs3.simutronics.net 4900.  Copy everything after key= to the 
clipboard, as it will be the login key you'll use momentarily.  It'll look like 
a long series of letters and numbers.

Now you will run your mud client of choice and telnet to gs3.simutronics.net 
4900.  When you connect, your screen reader won't say anything.  Now just paste 
the login key and hit Enter, then type the word JAVA, all in caps, and press 
Enter, whereupon you should see "please wait for connection to game server."  
Now you're playing the game using telnet.

If you log out and wait more than fifteen minutes or so, the login key you used 
to get in will be invalid, so you'll need to enter the game using the 
Simutronics Game Entry program and quit, following the steps I mentioned 
earlier, in order to play once again.

The other Simutronics muds, Dragon realms, Alliance of Heroes, and Modus 
Operandi, each have their own telnet host and port names, but you can find 
those by looking for the gse.~xt file in the root directory of your hard drive.

In case any are wondering, the Wikipedia entry on Gemstone IV mentions that 
using telnet to play Simutronics games is possible, and truthfully has been for 
years.  I am not affiliated in any way with Simutronics, but just wanted to let 
players know that one can play their games through telnet and how to do so.

Hope you all will find it useful.  Now if there was a way to make the Wizard 
client for Legends of Terris or Legends of Cosrin accessible with JAWS or 
Window-Eyes.  Their wizard program behaves very similarly to Simutronics' 
wizard program, repeating lines of text and generally making the play 
experience rather inaccessible.  In case anyone is wondering about these two 
games and can work some technical magic through scripting, they can be found at 
www.legendsofterris.com and www.legendsofcosrin.com.  As with the Simutronics 
games, these two are also pay to play, around $13.50 per month if using Paypal.


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