Scott said:
Of course, I don't know whether refunds
for the few who're too stubborn to embrace a good product are
financially viable for you.

My responce:
It really is not a viable option for me. My wife and I are on a very tight budget right now, and to add to that we do plan to go on vacation this winter. So every penny we can save towards that end will be helpful. Refunding a handful of people their money isn't something I really want to do, nor could I do it if I wanted to.

Scot said:
As someone who's now feeling a tad guilty for harping on about realism
and the like, I don't actually think I can vote, because I don't think
this is our decision.

My response:
As it happens I am a huge fan of realism myself so I am certainly not blaming you for suggesting something that is of special interest to me personally. So there is no need to feel guilty for that. I do like realism and it never hurts to have it pointed out where that area can be improved. truthfully I'm on the side of an FPS game for that reason. The 2d level layout is a bit unrealistic, and I'd be in favor of 3d movement rather than only being able to move left, right, up, and down. It is a bit annoying to know the engine does have built in realistic 3d movement, but only being able to create this particular game with 2d movement only. For me it is kind of like owning an extremely fast sports car, but only being allowed to drive it in first gear. You lose out on the thrill of putting the hammer down and driving it at top speed. Sure some people would enjoy driving that car at any speed, but for the guy who owns it he at least wants to see what that car can really do. You know what I mean? In terms of gaming I've invested a lot of time and energy developing the Genesis Engine. there is a lot of features in this engine, but like the sports car I'm not really able to put them to use. Oh, it has created an exceptionally decent side-scroller, no doubt about that, but I know it could do better. Especially, if I could design more complex levels with all of the engines features instead of just some of them.

Scott said:
In all honesty, I think the best thing you can do right now is read
what Dark is saying, take a step back from fixing hand to hand stuff
and sleep on it for a day or two.  The chap seriously has a point when
he says that no other game exists with this old-school simple method
of navigation, this amount of replay value, combined with these modern
killer sounds and music.

My responce:
Thanks, Scott. I'm glad to hear it. Yu andDark have both given me a lot to think about. I really really appreciate your support and advice. I really do.

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