Hi Dark,
As I said in my message several people impressed upon me how much easier side-scrollers are to play, how much more accessible they are, and I do think it has enormous commercial potential. Therefore it makes sense in releasing a handful of side-scrollers at some future point.

What I may do, though, is split the engine into a couple of specialized versions. Keep Genesis 3D as the full 3d FPS engine, and make a stripped down 2d version for side-scrollers and other 2d type games. That way the game's can be specialized for there particular style or genre.

As for my personal feelings I don't have anything personal against side-scrollers. It is more to do with the fact when I was sighted I played several of them on my NES like castlevania, Megaman, Double Dragon, etc and it is like been there done that for me. When my vision started going the full 3d first person and third person games started hitting the market and they were hard to play because I couldn't see them that well. I want to pick up where I left off so to speak. However, we have this huge market of people who have never had vision who have never had a chance to play Castlevania, Super Mario, Double Dragon, Legend of Kage, or any of it because it was never fully accessible to them. So what is old hat to me is something brand new and revolutionary to them. So the irony is while I really want to move on, pick up where I left off, I'm also the perfect person to bring back clones of games most of our accessible games community has never played at all.

For example, Megaman would be a fantastic game to bring to the accessible games market. I know it, you know it, and plenty of other accessible gamers know it. Obviously, Nintendo Entertainment would have my head if I used the name Megaman, but if I used Roboman, Ultraman, Cyberman, or something like that I could likely slip right under the legal radar. Something very like it could be created as long as I were careful to step over anything that smells of copyright infringement. I'm not against putting out a few games of that sort now and then.

dark wrote:
Hi tom.

Fantastic! i couldn't be more pleased with this decision, ----- especially that your going to make creation of 2D games a perminent part of the engine and a matter for future considderation.

Personally, I have every intention of fully playing and enjoying both mota titles absolutely!

Beware the grue!


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