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I am a bit late to this thread, but I just wanted to say that I totally agree with the thought that it is great to have a game that raises the bar and challenges people to stretch themselves mentally. This does not mean that I disagree with Thomas's decision about making side scrollers. I play Mota now, and will buy it when it comes out. I can see his point, as well as understand how frustrating 3d type environments can be for some to navigate.

Many years ago, I too had problems trying to get my head around games that were not just 2d or side scroller in nature. I think a lot of the frustration stemmed from a lack of teaching about reading maps and understanding more advanced navigation concepts.

To better understand the complexities of some of the games like Monkey Business, Sarah, SOD and others, I first decided to approach things as if I were walking around myself, even standing up while playing sometimes, and making 90 degree turns quite literally, just to picture my character walking, turning, and exploring. This helped me some. But the more I just gutted out the frustration and played the games, the more I was taught about navigating. Now, after several years, I prefer the more challenging environments.

I guess what I am getting at is that sometimes we must get out of our comfort zones, even during play time, if we want to find ourselves challenged. Am I saying that everyone will and should learn how to navigate more complex environments? Absolutely not. I just think we all need to be gently reminded about the fact that sometimes a challenge is just what we need.

I remember many years ago learning on my first computer. A lot of what I did was play games, in order to get a feel for typing and computer usage. I think a lot of us did that. We used games as teaching tools. We can do the same thing when we play games that have the more complex navigation environments. Games can be great tools for learning.

maybe this will work for some of you, maybe not others, it is just one man's opinion.


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The one comment I'd make in response to your post is that, though there are blind people out there who have difficulty navigating 3D environments, there
are also those of us who don't have that problem. I'd much rather have a
game that raises the bar for some than keep it low so that some can be
comfortable. If you're wanting to create something that's truly
three-dimensional, please do.


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