This is going to be quite long and detailed.

I've been playing this game now for a little under a month now, yet I feel
very much like I have only scratched the surface of it.

The best way to describe this game really is like a book. Within reason you
can pick it up and put it down. I have yet to find a mission that is time
based. You can keep missions going for months at a time with no issue. Also
in theory it doesn't really matter which of the npc missions you take on
first, the game isn't exactly going to stop you. At least I haven't found

The most difficult thing I have found to do so far is trading. As in buying
and selling goods from shops to markets. The player market is very fluid and
the shops are very expensive on the whole. The best form of trading I have
yet found so far is the extraction kind. Where by you put a resource
extractor on the surface of a given planet and then get it to extract
specific resources from the surface. That is always going to be very
profitable. It's slow work but the 2 main advantages to extracting are that
firstly you don't need anything to run the extractors, they run themselves
so it's free money, secondly you can do what ever you like whilst they are
doing their jobs so you can just leave them and forget they are even there.
Which is always handy! You can be making passenger runs or doing ashar runs
and the like and you are still effectively making money. Stockpiling
resources to sell in bulk on the markets. The economy for all intensive
purposes is totally player driven so really it's only the shops that are the
most expensive.

I think the most tedious part to core exiles is when you are scanning for
enemies. You can spend a while scanning for them and you can be refreshing
the page several times in order to find what you need. But equally combat
missions you can still gain points and level up without burning a ton of
fuel. Also if you scoop the cargo after you destroy ships, then dock and
sell to Joe's supplies, again it's free money. Ok it's not going to be as
good as what you'd get on the player markets but equally there's a lot more
Joe's stores than there are player market access points so it's a healthy

The best way to make money I've found so far is to do the passenger runs.
But the problem with those is that they burn a ton of fuel if you want the
worth while runs. So you can't spend to long making these runs. But the cash
and points rewards you get do make them very worth while all the same.

The thing with core exiles that I've learned very quickly is that it's a
very addictive game. Personally I love it. I've been on it as much as
anybody could be. Now here's the real big catch. As many of you will know ce
isn't tic based in the sense that you don't get tics per hour. It's fuel,
which I suppose you could say equates to the same thing. Fuel is burned in
proportion to the sorts of activities that you undertake. So if you are
constantly doing passenger runs you won't be playing the game that often. If
you have noticed the player store, you will have noticed that you can buy
fuel tickets which you can use at fuel depot's. you buy these tickets with
real money. So the makers of the game know it's addictive so they have
designed it in a way to try and keep people playing as long as they can by
giving them the option of spending real money on fuel. Just so you can keep
playing. I know I'm making this sound evil, it depends on how you look at
it. If it looks attractive and it's going to sell then of course they're
going to offer it. But my point here is, that if you learn to manage your
game playing style right, you need never have to do this. The only things I
have bought from the player store is the class 5 bio fuel engine and the big
fuel tank. The reasons why I bought both these are as follows:

1. I want to maximise the amount of fuel I can get at any given time.
2. I want to store up fuel over time as well so I can do a ton of passenger
runs. Then revert back to less fuel taxing activities. 

So yes I guess I've bought stuff from the store as well like most players
have, but I'm not going to buy a ton of fuel tickets from the store purely
because I'm smart enough not to need to do it. 

The game itself is genuinely a fun game to play. The community is a good one
it seems to me. 1 of the biggest things about this game is that there is
absolutely no player vs player killing at all. It's not possible. In a
number of ways, each player is playing their own individual game. For
example, a lot of the npc missions are the same. Everybody has done them or
is doing them. There are points where people can work together in as much as
sharing resources and the like which I haven't yet done but I do know it
exists. Equally exploration as well I think is or can be a group effort by
what I'm led to understand although I could be very wrong in this

I haven't travelled the entire game universe yet. There's over 700 locations
for you to visit. Several galaxies and I have no idea how many star systems.
The universe as it stands at the moment is somewhat smaller than other game
universes like for example warring factions, which has over 1000000 planets,
but equally with that particular game it's a case of it's based purely on
war. Not anything else. 

Overall, I love this game. I love the freedom of choice it offers the
player. I like how you can do what ever you like within it. I would honestly
say that anybody who likes games like this would totally love this game.

There are other things you can do in the game such as manufacturing and the
like, but I haven't covered those because I haven't as yet ventured into
those realms yet so anything I say with regards to those aspects of the game
is going to be very hit and miss. I'll let someone like Dark if he's
ventured into those aspects of the game take that one up. 
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