Greetings All!  I am having a very annoying sound issue.  I am running a system 
with X P with a sound blaster audigy sound card and the speakers are set to 5 
point 1.  Note I have tried to change the sound mode to stereo headphones with 
the same results.  My problem is with  Draconis Entertainments The Ultimate 
Soundoku.  Note, I have all the other titles by them such as Monkey Business, 
Dyno Man Sarah Ten pin alley an Alien outback and do not have this problem.  
The problem is with panning, I run the check speakers option on all those 
titles, and every other game on my system and the only other games with panning 
issues is Grizzly Gulch, and Jim Kitchens Mach 1 game.  What is strange is that 
the opening title sounds and the menu sounds are fine but when I start the game 
I am only getting the left channel.  With Grizzly gulch I get stereo for every 
sound in the game except when trying to shoot the gun the clicking sound does 
not pan, and Yes I did install the patch from the babysoft web site for grizzly 
and I get the same results.  I think the problem is also happening with Jim 
Kitchens Baseball but have not confirmed this.  Again the strange thing is that 
its not like the right channel is out it does not pan for some reason.  I 
installed an older version of direct exe and this has not helped.  I have a 
second X P system and these games pan fine on that system but not on my main 
one.  Lastly does any one know the phrase to type in  to find out which version 
of direct exe you are running that would be great as well so I can see which 
version I am running.  I would be Very happy if any of you could offer any 
suggestions as to what the heck is going on here.  Thanks and Game On!  Sly! 
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