HI Dark
Dark wrote
"Games where your character is defined specifically by sound and you
here objects around that character independently of it's movement, ---
such as all the audio side scrollers, alien outback (you can here and
move your spaceship), and the grid based games such as entombed, night
of parasite and treasure hunt I regard as third person, ---- even with a
limited, occasionally scrolling view point."
I beg to differ from you somewhat.
If you try to compare third person games with literature, no audio  side
scroller is third person, as liam himself is talking in the cut sceens.
A third person game would be a game where the cut sceen is of someone
observing what is liam doing.
If super liam for instance were a third person game, you wouldn't have
heard liam's voice in the cut sceens, but an observer's voice instead.
For example, in the cut sceen of the lava lake,  instead of liam saying:
"You want me to go through that to kill a stupid robot?" 
If it were  A third person game,  there would have been the voice of an
observer instead of the voice of liam.
The voice would have sounded something like:
"liam thinks its ridiculous to go through this to killa stupid robot."
The same with the ouch sounds liam makes when an enemy or fireball or
lazar hits him.
If sl were a  third person game, you would have heard the voice of the
observer saying:
"ouch, that  must have been sore."
So therefore I agree with tom rather that third person games is only
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