Hi Nicol,

Nicol wrote:

If super liam for instance were a third person game, you wouldn't have
heard liam's voice in the cut sceens, but an observer's voice instead.
For example, in the cut sceen of the lava lake,  instead of liam saying:
"You want me to go through that to kill a stupid robot?"
If it were  A third person game,  there would have been the voice of an
observer instead of the voice of liam.
The voice would have sounded something like:
"liam thinks its ridiculous to go through this to killa stupid robot."

My reply:

That's not really true. Lots of things such as movies, game cut scenes, etc are all in the third person. For that reason I believe all of Super Liam's cut scenes are in the third person. Mainly because they are scenes involving Liam talking to X1 or someone else.

Here is an example of a third person cut scene. In Tomb Raider Last Revelation at the beginning of level 3, the actual start of the game, a full cinamatic cut scene starts up with two robed riders on cammels crossing the desert. The two riders dismount and are attacked at once by hords of giant scorpions. One of the riders, the slim female rider, draws a pistol and kills the sscorpions. She then moves to a secret lever, pulls it, and the ground opens up beneath her, she sscreams, and falls down a slide into a secret chamber below. After a second to get her breath back the woman stands up, takes off her robes, and reveals to the camra for the first time it is none other than world famous archeologist Lara Croft. Big surprise right?

This scene I described is definitely third person because you are not experiencing it from Lara Croft's perspective. In stead you are viewing Lara and her guide from a distance as though you were there in the desert watching them approach on cammels, fight off the scorpions, and then watch Lara fall into the secret chamber below. It is all from the viewers perspective which makes it third person.

So getting back to Super Liam the same principle applies. When you hear Liam talking to say X1 you are not getting it from Liam's perspective so it can't be first person. All of the cut scenes including the one you mentioned are from the listener's perspective which makes them third person.


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