Hi John.
Interesting indeed. hal did seem to run with the gamebook fairly well though there were one or two scrolling issues, and a couple of shinanigans with labled images.

Sinse though java support has been increasing over the last few versions i'll have to give it another try.

I personally would be very pleased to see sapi support in your games.

With your publishing of games like inspector cindy and mysterious cities which are essentially gamebooks, ---- or multiple choice based intaeractive fiction if you prefer, the quality of the text and how it is read is a very important factor indeed.

Most Vi people will have a fairly good tts voice with sapi for exactly this reason.

I'm afraid the free voice you use currently really doesn't show your text to the best advantage, ---- and to me, actually detracts significantly from the enjoyment of the games.

To put it bluntly, --- -I would buy a copy of the gamebook and your mystery games myself like a shot if I didn't have to use the voice.

whether this is through use of Hal, or sapi, ---- i wouldn't mind.

I'm very sorry if this is a bit over abrupt, ---- but sinse you mentioned that your markiting people were hesitant on adding more support, --- -I thought perhaps some clarity would be helpful, ---- and i'd be glad to write this up in a more formal way if you like.

I certainly very much hope these issues can be fixed in future, ---- especially with the work your doing on the travelog game, and it's possible textual descriptions.

perhaps I am just spoilt from having good synths like Orphius and Alan to work with, ---- certainly the original appolo hardware synth orphius was based on which i used when i was 12 would make any voice sound like a shakespearian actor in comparison, ---- then again, I certainly wouldn't want to go back to that synth now, or anything which sounded similar.

Beware the grue!


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