Ah tom, ---- you seem so smug!

Firstly you should know, that as long standing beta tester for entombed my base is located on the as yet undiscovered 25th lower floor of the dungeons of doom!

Let's see your borg drones get through my hoards of kobolds, goblins, orcs skeletons and zombies.

What's that? ---- the goblin king has just brought me a message telling me that the stone guardian punched a hole in the side of the borg cube, and a level 5 chalm scroll was used on several borg drones.

the concept of having some borg drones chalmed to destroy the rest rockited through the entire collective, causing a massive shut down of the group mind and anihilating the brain of every borg on board.

then, a legion of kobold necromancers raised them as skeletons!

Now, the borg cube, ---- manned by it's newly undead borg hoard is heading on a seak and destroy mission!

Take that!

Beware the grue!


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Hi Dark,

Oh, yeah? You really think so?

You forget I am the developer of STFC and have command of the Defiant plus soul control over five Klingon Attack Cruisers and five heavily armed Romulan Warbirds. Even now my fleet is on the way under cloak to take X1 and his techno virus out.

Hold on a minute. Yes, Captain Sisko just sent me a subspace message letting me know the mission was a success. X1 and his ship are no more. Your evil techno virus was completely destroyed when X1 fell. Now, I'm seeking my revenge.

As I write this message a Borg cube is on its way to your house to assimilate you. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. They will add your biological and technological destinctiveness to their own. You must comply.

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