just my thoughts  on this,
I believe Thomas should get a break, if he wants it.
I mean, I'm not on the computer all the time. I have school, a band,
and a family. it's not right to hastle someone just because they can
find something to do with themselves and you can't.
I've seen that over and over again on miriani during the time I played it.
People giving others crap because they had something to do ooc.
That disgusts me!
Real life is real life, and I totaly know where thomas is coming from.
And programming isn't just something you do in your sleep, because
you've got to put thought in to it, you've got to make sure everything
is exactly how it should be and how you want it, every line of it
Not too long ago, I wrote a meer 3 lines of code. I got a bug, just
from 3 lines!
Now imagine the same situation with a game like Mota.
For all non-programmers who read this, it takes time and effort to
write anything, let alone something like Thomas Ward's Mota.
Thomas, I think that is just excellent that you take time to spend
with your family, and you make that a part of your life.
If Thomas wants to go and have a break for a bit, then that's his
chchoice, and noone elses.
Don't forget that he does not have to write these games.
Thomas, thank you for the help that you have given me over the last
month or so with python, and I appologise for any crap you might have
had to take from people who spam you with questions that you've all
ready taken time to answer.
Thanks all!

I am not stupid.
I just do dumb things!
Theodore Jonson

website: Nickhelms.net
sip phone number: 360-526-6509
twitter: Nickster919

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