This is Tristan here. I'm sure most of you know me well.

I run Trek Games.net Inc. Now, which is accompanied by my MUD (or MOO) (in 
short, a text-based game with sound packs, add-ons, and the like) Cosmos, is 
now managed by Trek Games. It has come a long way in two years -- from the one 
year in 2007 I spent devoted to just coming up with ideas for it, then in the 
beginning of 2,008 putting those ideas into code.

So now we are reaching a 3.5 year project, and the game is near 290 players, 
but only nearly 70 are active within a 1 month period or so. I want to get 
oppinions, what everyone thinks, what I should do to improve the game, how I 
can fix things to make your experience better, what isn't fun about the game, 
etc, etc, etc.
A game will get nowhere if it has no testers. After being two years in beta, 
Cosmos is now just starting to flourish.

This is coming from just the main admin of the game. You can also e-mail the 
other admins of Trek Games. By sending mail to

I hope we get some good feedback, but surprisingly, I do hope I get bad 
feedback. Bad feedback enables the developer team to debug things and fix 
what's wrong, making the bad feedback turn into good comments. :)



Tristan B


Administrator and Maintainer

Contact information:
Skype: Tristanbussiere
MSN: tris...@acegamesonline.net
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E-mail: theblinddj...@gmail.com

email TrekGames.net support

AOL Instant Messenger: Theblinddj360

Klango ID:

Connect to cosmos and join the fun. Point your MUD client to the following 
address and port:
Address: TrekGames.net
Port: 1234
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