Hi Dark,
Well, from what I've seen Netbooks aren't the best choice for playing games and music on. They are very hit and miss, and I've heard of some success stories and just as many bad experiences with them. The fact it might be running XP is a bit of a misnomer, because it's all about the hardware in the machine. For example, the processors in the Netbooks tend to be slower than those you would find in a more expensive laptop. If you are running XP this might not be a big problem for you, but if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 then that very well could be a big deal later on. Windows 7 takes quite a bit of ram and processor power to run really well, and Netbooks seam to be a bit underpowered for Windows 7 which is why even though there are newer versions of Windows they still are using XP which doesn't need a very high end system to run decently. Another thing to consider is your average desktop and laptop uses a hard drive which is a series of metal plates stacked tightly on top of each other that stores data magnetically on those plates. While this technology is considered to be rather old this type of hard drive is still in wide use because they can hold lots of data, operates very fast, and the solid state drives haven't yet matched them. With a lot of Netbooks though the units are so small that the standard hard drives won't fit in them so they are beginning to ship with the newer solid state drives. Basically, the solid state drives are not a hard drive at all, but a giant SD Card that holds something like 120 GB of data on it. While more reliable I've also heard they run a tad bit slower than your average hard drive. I have no idea how this effects games and other programs, but it is something to consider. What I can tell you is I've gotten various tech support requests where Mysteries of the Ancients doesn't run very well on some Netbooks and some where others say it works just fine. So you have to be careful what you buy, and they seam to be somewhat problematic. Plus do to their size they lack a lot of keys you might find on a full sized keyboard which might make playing certain games more difficult. Just some things to think about.

Happy New Year!

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