firstly, appologies for the miner absense, I've been away at my parents' 
bungalow by the see, which is very nice, ---- but has no net access. i'm 
currently considdering doing something slightly drastic, --- -replacing a 
computer before! one of mine explodes! 

There is nothing wrong with my laptop, it's four years old, and works fine (I'm 
writing on it right now). I have however been considdering replacing it with a 

My laptop has about a 512 mb ram, and only a 32 gig harddrive, ---- which, 
given that my current music, audio and games collection comprises about 50 gig, 
just won't do. It's also got only 3 hours of battery life on one battery, ---- 
or six hours if I change batteries mid way through. 

I've therefore been considdering upgrading my portable machine to a netbook, 
which runs xp, has 10 times the storage capacity, twice the ram, ---- and 
seemingly three times the battery life, judging by those I've been looking at 
(there was a very nice samsung model I was taken with). 

Is there however, anything I've particularly missed, ---- especially concerning 
audio games. 

I'd assume if a netbook is running xp home, in practical terms it'd function 
like a physically smaller, more powerful version of my current laptop, ---- but 
i could be wrong? 

any advice would be much appreciated. 

Beware the grue! 

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