I think the audyssey magazine takes to long to publish.
its not regular enough.
I therefore think  that instead of one editor doing this thing every 3 times a 
year or whenever he can that several should do it.
actually I could put it all together or whatever and others could write 
articles, etc.
I have the time.
Not sure how it would all work I just know its taking ages or seems like it to 
get another issue.
When mike feir was round it came out 4 times a year and was rather regular.
if it could be so again then it would be good.
I've never done a magazine I just know there is time.
Could also do an audio version for those that care.
obviously there would have to be text for those on dialup.
Right now I am not proposing a change immediately but its an idea.
I  feel that as a community we should make decisions like this rather than 
complaining about this.
On the usagames list muhammed said the mag was to long and I thought well its 
not regular so there is so much to put in.
On that note I wander with all the blogs, and stuff if we even need a mag since 
everything thats in the mag is known by everyone thats on the net, most of it 
is old news.
Some newer articles, etc.
I propose that we could have some extra things to go with for say software 
release dates, etc.
Say for full versions or maybe other things, events, etc to happen exactly on 
the day the magazine ispublished so we can get interest in it again.
I remember in the old days i started reading the mag on my 386 laptop.
I had at that point little net, dialup, etc.
It really got me realising that there was more  to life than just me.
I know there have been times that I have gone a bit over the top on here 
however I am trying to post a reasonable post this time.
ANyway lets vote on this or something.

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