Hi Dark,
You're quite right, Anacreon in both its versions is a strategy game.
The Windows and Dos versions are more or less identical, being operated
through a series of menus in a bar across the top of the screen.  One
reason people prefer the Windows version when it works is that there is
an accessible map which provides a lot of useful information, but more
on that later.
Each turn, you first get a brief summary report which tells you things
like how many worlds you have, how many ships of the various types you
have either on those worlds or in space, whether you discovered any new
technology this turn, etc.  Once you close that report you have a lot of
options.  You can use the map to get information about worlds--what kind
of world is this?  Who owns it?  Is it an atomic level world or are the
people still primitive?  Does it have any special function for its
owner--is it a chemical factory, etc.
With that information you can use the menus to launch fleets to conquer
promising targets.  There are different kinds of ships, some faster than
others, some for holding troops or raw materials.  You create a fleet
out of these different kinds and load it up with any cargo, and then
send it off to where ever you've decided.  The combat screen itself is a
bit difficult to explain, but at least in the Dos version it's quite
Anyhow, to wrap up what is fast becoming a rambling message, once you
conquer a planet  you can decide, based on its local climate and
technology, what it might be good for.  Some planets could build ships,
some are excellent fuel sources, some can mine metal or grow food.  The
cycle continues, more or less in that way, turn by turn.  With
multiplayer games you can send messages to the other players, which adds
a lot of potential for diplomacy and roleplaying.
I hope this has helped explain things a bit more clearly.  The game's
home page is http://www.neurohack.com/anacreon
On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 01:04:38AM -0000, dark wrote:
> I'd very much like some more information about the game, ---- how the 
> various versions work, what happens in the turn based play etc (not the 
> least because it probably needs an entry on the audiogames.net database).
> I know it's a space trading and war stratogy game, and I believe I once 
> tried the doss version from http://www.classicgaming.com/ascii/ which also 
> hosts games like fallthru, ---- but it seemed to rather seriously crash on 
> me.
> in fairness that was on my old machine, ----- which also had severe problems 
> running fallthru, so it might be okay on this one, ---- but more information 
> would be very much appreciated.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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