Hi Darren,
Yeah, I know. However, the sad thing is that the mainstream game
industry has come up with a decent game rating system E for Everyone,
T for Teen, M for Mature, etc and some parents don't even look at the
rating on the game. They just buy it not carring about what their
child is being exposed to.
For example, my wife likes watching all these reality TV shows like
Nanny 911 and the Super Nanny. I can remember a case in point where on
one show the Nanny asked the kid what he was playing and he showed
her. It turned out he was 7-years old and playing a game with a mature
rating. When the Nanny showed this kid's mother the game the mom was
clueless about the types of games her kids were playing, and was
surprised to find out she had been buying mature rated titles for her
kids that were ages 4 and 7. Definitely not too bright if you ask me.
Anyway, I gues I just don't want to feel responsible for exposing kids
to content that isn't more or less age appropriate. Yeah, I know it
really isn't my problem, and parent should be on the look out for what
content their kids are buying and downloading from the internet.
However, there are a lot that don't, and that bothers me. I don't like
to contribute to the problem if I can help it.
Plus there is the matter of image. I want USA Games to be a safe,
family oriented, business our customers can trust. If we got into
making adult oriented games then parents might not want their kids
browsing our web site and downloading our products. Although, the
majority of people who have filled out the survey are over the age of
18 so are target market is of the right age for that type of game.


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