Funnily enough Tom, I don't think I've ever actually quit hal for a game, I just flick the voice and/or keys off as needed. In fact, I've frequently used pause time in a game to go and do something like check E-mails, or, ---- especially in the case of entombed, leave the game running in the background while I either check facts in game or answer questions and rive reports on how I'm doing, ---- which I obviously write with Hal.

Thus Sapi support is doubly handy for me, sinse I don't even use the sapi voice to speak in Hal (though i could).

the ownly downer I can see with sapi, ---- as in fact i said to Jason over screen reader support in entombed, is that when jo technical newby blogs switches on a game, he's not going to be too chuffed to hear the microsoft voices rather than his favourite screen reader voice which, ---- these days is probably a good quality proprietory one such as realspeak.

This might put him off playing games, which would be a shame. possibly though this is an issue which developers could solve with adequate documentation the way both Jim and indeed Ian humphries have, by explaining the relationship of the ms voices, and offering links and instructions to download and run the best free voices available alongside their games.

I must confess I used ms sam for a while and stil played the games, but then again I've been using Hal long enough to remember the first versions of orphius, ---- not to mention devices like the old talking calculators or braille and speaks, which had the worst synth voices imaginable, so I'm probably not the best person to give opinions on voice quality, ---- pluss all this being said, I now stil have scansoft daniel for my sapi voice, and wouldn't be overly keen to go back to the microsoft ones.

Beware the grue!


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