Possible spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

Most magic does not work on the drake. There are a couple that work really 
well. They are shrink, curse, and web. I think that slow also works on the 
drake. There are a couple others, but cannot remember exactly right off. 
Sure someone else will elaborate.

The shrink is special in that the drake takes more damage, and dishes out 
less when shrunk. The shrink spell can be cast by mages, and found on 
certain scrolls. But it only lasts a short time, depending on the level of 
the spell. Or, make any of your party grow. Especially the fighters. They 
will do quite a bit of damage when all grown up.

Curse is good in that the drake will receive maximum damage, while always 
dishing out minimum damage. This spell lasts for the entire length of the 
battle. The curse spell can only be cast from a scroll.

The web can only be cast by a scroll. Unless you have a spider skeleton 
handy. it will make the drake immobile, and unable to move. This too is a 
limited time effect.

Also, anything that strengthens your party is good. Enlighten, grow and 
haste come to mind.

Ice blast also seems to do more damage than fire bolt.

Don't waste flurry on the drake. Your fighter will then stand around too 
much afterwards.

Target the head. You might hit the neck also. This is the most vulnerable 
spot on the drake. The only problem is that you have a slightly higher 
probability of missing. But if your fighter connects, it will definitely do 
some damage.

Save before battling the drake. If all fails, restart the game and try 
again. Or, if possible, go past the drake and come back later when you have 
more hp per character, or more powerful and appropriate scrolls.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: Thomas Ward
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2010 3:30 PM

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone here can give me some advice on defeating
the Drake on level 7. I can't get passed him no matter how many times
I try. Basically, here is what I have to work with.

Cassandra --- A human female fighter/necromancer equipt with a long
sword and the best armour I could find for her.
Alair --- a half-elf mail healer/Druid. He is armed with a blackwood
staff and light armour/cloathing.
Dara --- a female half-elf fighter/ranger with bronze armour,
legendary long swords, duel wield at 5, flurry 5, and basically you
don't want to mess with her because your likely to loose a head, arm,
and basically get chopped up in the process.
Lupercus -- My wolf companion.
Undead skeleton orc fighter/mage. He is under Cassandra's control and
was raised from the dead to help out in the battle.
Summoned Animal --- any bat, wolf, or rat I can summon to the battle
ground to fight the Drake.

As you can see I've got what I thought was a good party. I can really
kick the crap out of the Drake, but not enough to actually slay the
dragon. When he hits me with a fire attack everyone takes heavy damage
and most of my party members usually wind up dead with several limbs
missing. In the last major fight Casssandra lost a leg, arm, and ended
up dying after the Drake bit her head off, and then spit it out on the
floor. Its like impossible to take him down without being malled or
roasted to death. Any suggestions/help? 

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