Hi Dark,
All too true. Not having to work on graphics really simplifies the job
for us accessible game developers. However, as you pointed out since
they still take a lot of time and energy to create the games have to
be built to last. That is in fact why I've worked so hard on the
Genesis Engine, done an unbelievable amount of research, for the
project and have held up the MOTA development. I want this game engine
and the games to last for years to come.
Anyway, as far as retro gaming goes I'd really love to see an
accessible Castlevania, Megaman, and Double Dragon. Perhaps once MOTA
is released and Genesis is more or less stable I can devote some time
into making my own accessible retro remakes of some games like that.
An accessible Castlevania game would rock.
Above all Megaman would be simply fantastic. I played the heck out of
that game, and it has some really awesome puzzles and traps. To date
we haven't had anything remotely close to it.


On 3/8/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> this unfortunately sounds true. the only reason the Mega man series survived
> is that they effectively split the franchize in two. the Batlenetwork games
> and their sequal series are very much aimed at kids. They aren't even set in
> the same universe as Mega man, ---- in fact at the end of the first game the
> villain, Lord Wily, states that the reason he went into evil was that his
> robotic's program was rejected in favour of net research.
> The games are very much themed around kid romance, standardized, almost
> simplified plots, features such as trading and online competition like the
> Pokemon series, and a battle/rpg system employing real time rather than turn
> based elements.
> Then, at the same time, Capcom continued to release platformers for the hard
> core fans set in the same universe as Mega man and Mega man x, with dark and
> interesting plots which tie in to the previous games (including the return
> of dr. wily in Mega man zero 4), and are currently bridging the gap betwene
> the Mega man and mmx series with mega man 9 and 10 which actually introduce
> the maveric virus.
> Sadly though, this is a rarity, and circumstances such as those you mention
> with tomb rader sound all too common.
> Fortunately, there will always be systems like the virtual console, and
> indeed freeware developers, but as is known on this list, what can be done
> by one, ---- or at most 10 or 12 people working together on a game project
> isn't like the millions which a game company could spend developing
> something.
> This is why even in the retro games scene, there are comparatively few walk
> along beat em ups like double dragon or streets of rage, ---- not because
> such games aren't popular (the fourty quid I had to shell out for a copy of
> streets of rage 3 for my mega drive a few months ago from Ebay shows that),
> but because in terms of grafics programming, defining all the factors for
> such a game, moving collision boxes, speed of attacks, many large scale
> animations is a hugely tricky process for one person alone.
> This is however one advantage with audio games. because developers and
> players are very close, and because (to be blunt), not many games are
> released, people are encouraged to try many sorts of games at varying
> difficulties. Pluss, generally good sfx and music are held to be a bonus,
> not a necessity, sinse everyone is aware how tricky such things are to
> obtain, ---- and besides, sinse audio games have to last the player a long
> time before the next release, ---- they must be built to last and not work
> just on audio appeal.
> While I can think of a couple of audio games who's audio out stripped there
> gameplay, most fall the other way around, ---- and someone who refuses a
> game because they don't like the audio is just doing themselves out of some
> fun.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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