Hi Dark,
Well, if I could find the sounds, music, etc to do it I might be
tempted to try a Turrican clone. I'd have to get m hands on an
original too to get a feel for the game play, but if I could fulfill
those requirements I'd give it a try with the Genesis Engine.As you
know from MOTA I think all of the necessary code is or will be in
place for a game like that.
As for enemies above or below you in MOTA pressing the v key will
announce where items and enemies are in relationship to you. If you
have a better way of doing this I'd like to hear it.

On 3/9/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well I certainly would be behind you on that one Tom, I'd love to see an
> audio version of Mega man or castlevania, in fact if the blastbay toolkit
> works out as I hope it will, I well might have a go at creating an audio
> version of turrican.
> turrican would be my game of choice, partly because it's gameplay is both
> symple and complex. It has the large level size and exploration of Metroid,
> but tends to just work by blasting through many enemies, rather than a lot
> of complex collection of items.
> Also, the famous thing about the series was it's music, and it'd be great to
> introduce that into the Vi gaming community, sinse I'd say that's what
> really got me into both games and weerd miner chords in one fell swoop.
> Pluss, the fact that the creator has given his permission for freeware
> remakes to use music, ---- and indeed graffic tyles from the original games
> is actually pretty useful too.
> The only really serious problem I can see with this, is truly representing
> the y access in a 2D game, knowing that there is an enemy or ledge above you
> on the right or left side. I've got some ideas about this but I'll probably
> write up an artical for audeasy about them.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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