Hi tim,
Yes and no. That's sort of the million dollar question. One I'm not
sure how to answer at this point.
The problem is that at this current stage the engine is far from a
complete and ready to use product for the lay person. At the moment
the engine consists primarily of a collection of classes and libraries
which I can use to program future games. However, I eventually want to
automate the process by creating a "game editor" that will allow you
to draw levels, configure game objects, select default sounds, etc.
Although, I'm a long way from the fully automated game development
tool I'll likely be selling to the public. So the short answer is
currently someone needs to know a fair amount of C++ to use it, but
eventually I'll be switching over to a fully automated game creation
tool that doesn't require much programming knowledge. So short answer
is by the time it is sold to game developers you shouldn't have to
know much programming to create basic games.
However, that opens up a big can of worms which I'm not sure how to
handle at this point. Automation tools are good and great things, but
they only are good to a point. At some point, regardless of the game
engine, you need to be able to program or script the engine's
abilities to add specialized game objects, change the artificial
intelligence for the enemy characters, whatever. There are just some
things, no matter what, that can't be automated and have to be
programmed manually. So I'm concerned while tools may exist to create
basic games there still has to be a way to manually create advanced
games that has all the features the automation tools lack. So what I
may have to do is sell a basic version with simple and easy to use
automation tools that do almost everything, but is limited in what it
can do, and a pro version that is more programmer oriented that allows
a developer to extend the engine using something like Visual C++. If
you or anyone else has any thoughts regarding this let me know.


On 3/11/10, tim kilgore <tim8...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hey if some one bought your engine from you, would they have to know
> programming to make a game?
> Tim

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