Hi Philip,
Ah, just the person I need to talk to about this subject. <grin>
I'd like to know how you are handling the scripting aspect of the BGT
toolkit. I know you said it has a C++ style scripting language, but is
this something you created on your own or did you go through something
like the Windows scripting host?
I've come up with several ideas for scripting modules for the engine,
and one way I have thought of is using the Windows scripting host.
That way I could add support for VB Script so anyone with a basic
knowledge in Visual Basic could script this thing, and it would not be
as difficult as say C++ to program. Plus the fact the engine itself
would handle all the core stuff like handling Windows events, keyboard
input, joystick input, sound support, Sapi support, whatever. All the
scripter would have to do is call the SpeakMessage function to tell
Sapi what to say or use the SoundOpen and SoundPlay  functions to play
sounds, etc.
As for creating high level objects that's a good point. although, I
think I could create some generic classes to choose from such as
warrior, adventurer, wizard, etc that would cover just about anything
the developer could want. With a little imagination a person might
even use some classes for duel purposes. For example, a Star Wars
junky could in theory use a wizard class for a Jedi character since
some powers and abilities could be used for both.

On 3/11/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> The way I am doing it in the Bgt engine is to provide the core functionality
> in the actual package, and then let people of course including myself write
> modules for it. This way, you can go as high or as low level as you wish
> when making games. The engine is about to go into public beta in a month or
> two, and I am very interested to see how it's received mainly because while
> it is about 10 times easier than regular C++, it's still a fully fledged
> scripting language. My engine does not currently provide high level objects
> for environment and character management etc, as I feel that that is a
> little too game specific for the basic engine. This, however, will very
> likely be provided as includable modules.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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