Hello Dark,

The beta team came up with two more land-based units: artillery and armoured personnel transport. Due to the recommendations coming late in the testing, it was decided to wait until the multi-player version was released to include these. Instead we gave armour most of the benefits that artillery would have such as the ability to bombard cities and sea-based units. You can currently fortify your cities by either maintaining several infantry or armoured units within a city, or keeping a battleship their as protection.

Personally, I don't think of battles being either land or sea-based, since to win anything other than a complete land battle, both types of units are required to work together. Armour can bombard passing ships, battleships can bombard land-based units, troop transports carry land-based units from land to land, armour and infantry can be drowned at sea, ships are built on land, and fighter aircraft can travel over either land or sea.

I am happy to see you understood that you do not need any great spacial or map reading abilities. The problem for some people new to TOC is that they feel they need to understand everything about the lay of the land, and for the most part, you really don't need to. A few weeks ago I was playing a game and near the end I realized that for the entire game I had a completely wrong view of the map in my mind, but since you command units by distance and access, it didn't really matter--I won anyway. Many years ago, someone challenged me with a game idea. That is to produce a game for the blind where you need to control hundreds of pieces over a huge map. At the time, I thought it was nearly impossible, but the idea sat there waiting for a solution. Over a year ago it came to me how this could be done, and that is when TOC was conceived.

David Greenwood

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