well, I've now played quite a bit of Toc, and got a lot more used to commands 
and operations. The game does have a learning curve, ---- though imho this 
wasn't a bad thing (indeed quite the opposite), but I've now been able to 
defeat the computer on the 2nd skillevel on a battle sized map, -- which is 
actually an improvement from my slaughterings yesterday! 

I must say, I'm deeply impressed with the game, ---- particularly with the 
interface and flexibility of overview and controls. 

As I've said before, my spacial perception is pretty pathetic, I'm distinctly 
not the best person at overviewing and managing many objects positions in a 
large area from audio information alone. i even find sudoku and solitare 
difficult to play. 

However, as with audio 3D I find the interface in Toc gives so many ways of 
finding information, it's entirely playable and perceiveable, ---- I 
particularly love the context sensative lists! it doesn't matter if I forget 
where my infantry are, or have them roaming around somewhere, sinse I can just 
go to where I want them, hit alt I, and get a menue listing distance. 

This is great, --- -and indeed an idea I'd never had before. i've always found 
sound rts rather hard to play, principley because I can't keep lots of spacial 
information in my head, --- but the contextual lists are fantastic, ---- 
especially for overviews. 

in fact, I'm now wondering if there are any plans to add more units to the 

Thus far, naval warfare is great, ---- but the land and air opperations imho 
could bennifit from a few more strategical units to play with. 

As to what, --- well I was wondering about perhaps defensive artiliary (say alt 
u), which could move at only one square per turn, would need to be set down for 
a turn before attacking, ---- but could bombard things most successfully 
(especially enemy fighters and ships), and bombers (alt V), ---- heavier and 
slower planes which could bombard the enemy, but had a very limited movement 
capacity, ---- perhaps only able to move 3 spaces a turn, and have a fuel 
capacity of 12 or even 10, thus making it necessary to have an air craft 
carrier as base. 

Other units such as transport planes heavy armour or light infantry, orr maybe 
the ability to fortify cities could be added as well, ----really it just 
depends upon what would balance best, but I really would like to see land 
battles made as interesting and complex as sea ones are currently, ---- pluss 
of course fortifications and other defensive measures could be interesting as 

Whether other units get added or not, I'm certainly deeply impressed with the 
game thus far, both for it's complexity, and especially for it's great overview 
system, ---- and i'll very likely be buying it when it's out. 

Beware the grue! 

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