Hi Jacob.

Fair enough on the smaller game basis, though I would expect once Toc is multiplayer, that'll serve a similar need sinse you'll be able to just play on a smaller map. No disagreement about worms or lemmings being 2D, ---- they deffinately were, as is Toc in fact, but where as Toc has what I'd think of as a top down, ---- or (to use a less sight dependent expression, an overview), sort of grid based interface, ---- rather the way games like civ or sim city would, Worms and lemmings were more like 2D platformers, which, ---- as has been discussed recently with Tom, is another kettle of fish all together as far as audio goes.

Maybe a point will come when having multiple objects on a 2D interface like that becomes possible, ---- but sinse even a basic marrio brothers style 2D interface hasn't been tried in audio yet, that's probably looking a bit far ahead.

However, there would be no reason not to have a random game with a top down interface like Toc, using any sort of weerdness you could imagine!

i did once here of a game called sim ant, in which players used a similar interface and system to sim city (it was appparently the same company), to controll an ant colony, complete with creating larvi, spawning, finding food and beating off invasions of hostile ants or other insects, ---- so such a thing is eminantly possible with that style of view.

Beware the grue!


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