hello everyone,

I, for one, would not like to see the topics about the new BGT tool and how to use it forced off of this list. I am not a programmer, nor will I ever be a computer programmer. But, I am a game player and am very interested in this tool which may allow those of us who have no interest in becoming computer programmers the ability to create games.

I know that statement in and of itself will enrage some people on this list, the statement about my having no interest in actual computer programming, I mean..

I see nothing wrong with discussions about this topic being kept on the list. I do not want to have to join a computer programming list, where ninety-nine percent of the topics will be way over my head, nor do I want to have to join and remember to visit some web forum to learn more about his tool exclusively.

. If you don't want to read about it, then for Heaven Sake, just don't open the emails and read them. Hit the "Delete" key on any with BGT in the subject line. That won't eliminate all of the BGT mail, but it will get a good many of them. I'm sure all of us on this list routinely run across many messages which hold no interest for us, but we deal with it.

Please, list mods, don't let the complaints of a very few control this list. It is an emailing list, after all, and a spike in traffic once in a while is to be expected, especially accompanying the release of a wonderful new game tool. Once the tool has been around for a while, the email traffic will slow down yet again.

~Ann T

On 3/25/2010 5:37 PM, Anne Walker wrote:
Okay, ya'll. This is getting rather ridiculous. I am getting WAY WAY WAY too 
many emails that are PROGRAMMING related. Not gaming related. What I mean is - 
there is a list for beginning programming and that is where you should be 
discussing the hows, whys, and what-abouts for the BGT. Don't get me wrong - 
this seems like it will be a wonderful tool that will help the lay-person be 
able to develop their own games. HOWEVER - my understanding is that THIS list 
is for the discussion of how to play these wonderful games that Thomas, Phil, 
Jim, and the others have created and either sold or given away for free. What 
tricks others have learned, and all of that. About 98% of the emails over the 
last couple of days have only been about how to use Phil's toolkit, how to 
write code, and why it isn't working for them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either 
email the developers personally, sign up for the PROGRAMMING list (one of which 
is: http://www.freelists.org/list/programmingblind), or create your own list so 
that I can keep learning more about the games for the blind that are ALREADY 
Thank you.

Anne W.
sighted audio gamer

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