Hi Dark,
Well, as has been said many many times already it is all up to the
copyright holder how they want to handle it. Some don't care about
remakes and some do. I've seen several freeware classic remakes for
Linux such as Packman, Asteroids, Bomberman, Super Breakout, and
Activision hasn't said anything about them. I'd assume given the age
of the games Activision probably doesn't consider those games
commercial best sellers any more, and don't really care about the
clones floating around the net.
However, as you said Nintendo is another story. They have consistantly
squashed remakes, and actively protect their best sellers like
Megaman, Castlevania, Mario, and others. So it is a good idea to stay
away from Nintendo's copyrights  for that reason.
However, this only proves the point though that some companies are
more relaxed than others. You never really know how a company will
respond to your project until it is out there, and they know it is
there. some will ignore it, and others may take some sort of legal
action. Who knows?

On 3/27/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I must confess I have! seen freeware only remakes of sonic games feature
> orriginal sounds and graffics, such as this one (not accessible, but it
> makes the poiknt): http://www.infamous-adventures.com/kq3/index.php?page=faq
> While I understand the issue about copywrite and thw rroy about getting a
> desist letter (especially as regards commercial games for proffit, and with
> the idiocy that tom Recieved over Monti), I know for a fact freeware
> graffical game makers aren't as concerned at all. There are even cases where
> the original creators of games saw a  free remake, and sent congratulations
> makers to the remaker, ----- pleased that their game is stil out there.
> the only company I've seen persistantly squash remakes, is (sadly),
> nintendo, but keep clear of them and things should be fine for a free
> accessible remake of any game using original sounds or whatever, so long as
> a correct disclaimer is written.
> just considder how many utube vids feature graffics, sound, music or
> whatever from films  or games, then ask if a free game is really that!
> different.
> Needless to say though, anything commercial is far more tricky.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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