To be honest haiden, I never got on well with zork, but then again I personally prefer if games which have more background than just "go into the dungeon and grab treasures" and more than random puzles.

In fact I must admit, some if puzles just irritate me for their total lack of logic.

"ah, so I was supposed to open the catch on the rusty door by blowing the whistle at the bird to scare it off, getting the egg from the nest, then droping the newspaper and twigs on the floor and using the magnifying glass to focus sunlight, then putting the dustbin lid ontop, dropping in the egg, frying it and using it to greace the rusty latch!" how silly of me not to realize that perfectly rational change of logic!

I must confess this is why I don't really play much If anymore, sinse it's too much trouble to try and filter the to me, interesting exploration and story based stuff from all the games based on absurd puzles which i then need to look at a walkthrough to guess.

Of course, this might just be because I'm probably more inclined toward rpgs and that style of play myself in general, and didn't grown up with the classic if or get into the method of playing it.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Dark,
In regards to an earlier post of yours, I know what you mean. I was playing the zcode version of zork, and I had no idea how to enter the mirror to get to the door in the endgame. The walkthrough I had said "enter the box". This
did work at all. I found out that I had to simply type "enter". That was a
relief to finally figure out, though exasperating none the saime--I do like
the way that one was combined from the three infocom zorks, and it doesn't
hurt they added a bit here and there.
Best Regards,

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