when it comes to audio games, something I find quite annoying is the fact that many games aren't supported after initial release. even if they are, it's usually a small update a few days after game comes out just to keep up the hype and keep people buying, then after that the game never gets any sort of expansion. I think this is hurting the audiogames market, and developers are losing potential customers. what you guys aren't realizing is that people are even willing to pay for these expansions. mainstream titles do it all the time. let's say a new mainstream FPS game comes out and new levels are added after the initial game release, the developer could charge $5 for those additional levels and those interested will purchase it. or offer the downloadable content free and sell even more copies of that particular game. people get bored of the same old stuff, especially if the game doesn't have much replay value. we need DLC, and I don't understand why this hasn't been done yet. and that's not even the only problem. I think it's about time developers start adding an online component to their titles to make games a more social experience. no offense to any developer on this list, but I'd much rather go online and play a few rounds of super street fighter IV or some rock band than play most accessible games. why? because I'm interacting with people, not playing the exact same offline mode over and over. even if street fighter didn't have online features it would have been much more replayable than any accessible game out there mostly due to the trial mode the game contains, which can keep you busy for months. in fact there are people who've yet to complete trial mode on street Fighter IV and the game's been out for over a year! can you guys make such claims about audio games? back to online features. even the few audiogames that have online playability, we actually have to communicate through text, when most mainstream games are using voice chat, and even video chat! Is it all that difficult to add voice chat to games? I'm no developer so I'm asking because I like to be informed on these things. This is why when people ask me if we'll ever catch up to the mainstream market, I tell them that it'll never happen. devs need to really start concentrating on what the gamers want. and please I don't want to hear the "oh but audio games are only a 1 man operation" excuse. Take 10 years to develop your game if it takes that long, or Find developers who use the same programming language you do, and get together and form a programming team. but give us something good. something that we can be proud of 15 years from now and say wow! this game completely revolutionized the audio game market! as it stands now, most of the audio games I've purchased I just beat once in about an hour or so and never play it again, and this is probably true for many people on here. something needs to change, and it's up to all of us, developers and gamers alike to make it happen!

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