Hi Crash,

Oh, guess that I had not even thought of a pause or save feature in an auto 
race game.  Guess that I was still thinking of like with my original Mach 1 
racing game with the racing league and my new tts version where the goal is to 
learn the track and drive it as fast as you possibly can.  It is timed to one 
one thousandth of a second and in the league we had races decided by times that 
close.  But I guess that a goal of getting ahead of and staying ahead of the 
other cars on the track would be more like a nascar race.  Still not sure about 
a pause or save feature in a nascar race though.  I personally like the time 
trial sort of thing trying to drive the track as fast as possible without other 
cars in the way.  I most often played that mode in Atari Pole Position.  It 
seems like more of a skill thing for me without the other random cars in the 
way.  Guess having to get around random cars could be a skill as well though.


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I am sure Tom will put in a Pause in the game and a save feature, as he describe is going to be like a main outlet games.

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Hi Thomas,

Not to be too picky, but the nascar season has 36 scheduled races and they start 43 cars in all races.

I also wonder how realistic you really want to be with a race game. I mean 43 car engines are going to sound like a swarm of mad bees. And just for the heck of it, try racing maybe 200 laps on say my Painsville oval track. It takes allot of mental and physical endurance to race even a simple track for 3 to 4 hours.

I don't mean to be negative, just giving you some of my thoughts.

Got to go and get ready to watch 1,100 miles of auto racing today.


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Hi Charles,
Well, at the time I took over development of Raceway from James North
I invisioned it as an accessible version of Nascar Thunder 2004 by EA
Games. As it happens I realy like Nascar Thunder, but of course it
isn't accessible enough to really play. I usually wind up hitting the
wall or plowing into another car. So when James North offered Raceway
to me I took it, and decided to turn it into a fully accessible, fully
playable, version of Nascar Thunder without any of the official Nascar
logos and trademarks involved.
As far as how it will compare to other racing games out there it might
be easier to list its features, and let you decide based on that
information. Basically, since it is based on Nascar, actually an
official Nascar game, all of the rules, flags, and points will be
exactly the same as you would expect from a real race. Unlike other
accessible racing games you will be racing against 39 other AI driven
cars so we are talking a full monty here not three or four cars as is
the case with games like Poll Position. Since I am using official
points and scoring there will be a full season mode where you must
race a total of 30 races, and if you have the highest score you get
the racing cup.
What I am probibly not going to include in Raceway, at least not 1.0,
is a track editor, online racing, and some of those kind of features
of Rail Racer. While I think they would be good additions I feel those
can be added on later. In fact, I might even create it as a sort of
expantion pack that costs a nominal upgrade fee like $10 or something
like that. That way I can try and earn back some of the money lost
when transfering between Alchemy and USA Games, and  plus build upon
an existing product as well.


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