At this point I really don't know.  One problem I am having with the
game is a lot of this gets to be really technical, and goes way over
my head. While I  watch the ocational Nascar race and have played some
of the racing games out there I'm not a hard core racing nut.
Watching a few races now and then and playing the games now and then
is a lot different then trying to program a really major racing game
from scratch. It takes a lot of motivation, dedication, and an
enjoyment for the project I really don't feel.
Personally, I could care less if there is a qualifier before the race
to find out your starting position or a set of random times to just
select an automatic starting position for each car. I have to do that
for the AI cars anyway so what's one more car right?
However, I know if I don't add a qualifier some hard core racing fans
out here are going to be realy disappointed, and knowing what I know
about this community I'll never hear the end of it until I give them
one.  So eventually there will likely be a qualifier, but it is lower
priority than the other features of the game.
Right now. The test version that was written in C#, and is currently
being ported to C++ simply randomly selects a starting position from 1
to 43 and lines the cars up in whatever random order it chooses. Not
very realistic, but it works.

On 5/30/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I'd start with all 43 and go from there.  Will there be qualifying before
> each race to see where you're starting position in the race will be?  Time
> for practice and adjustments in the pits and all that fun stuff?

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