With all the talk of shades recently I fancied going back and replaying it. 
However, I noticed to my horror, ---- probably due to my user accounts crash 
last december all my gma engine games have got deregistered sinse my computers' 
user code has changed. 

I now have to unfortunately go and pester david and phil to send me new keys. 
While I'm sure both of them will, this does bring up a point. 

while I certainly see the point of having game registration, it does strike me 
that the method employed can have a lot of knock on effect not just for the end 
user, but for the developers, ---- sinse I'm sure both phil and david have far 
better things to do than generate new keys for me just because my computer went 
temporarily screwey. 

While I'm fully aware there are scumbags who will trade reg keys and pirate 
software, or trade downloadable program install files for those who use a 
secure download method like 7-128, I do have to wonder if ultimately having the 
registration so tied to such a changeable value as the users' own hardware is 
any the better, and if the effort is worth the cost. 

the online registration method that people like Jason are using, or the 
incripted name method used by Philip bennifall, do strike me as a reasonable 
compromise, ---- sinse they are easy for the user to recover themselves without 
having to bug the developer. 

I'd be interested to know what method tom is planning with mota. 

Beware the Grue! 

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