Hi tom.

interesting stuff indeed, my brother had a distinctly similar issue with one of the earlier versions of windows, ---- though sinse Dolphin provided his laptop originaly which subsequently blew up shortly after use, they were kind enough to replace it.

I do approve of the system employed in Moti even if it isn't secure, sinse it does mean i can have my copy of monti with all installed levels stil available, even though the machine I bought it for is no longer around.

in the end I supioose your simply relying on a belief in the integrity of your customers. I myself will freely pay, --- or in several cases donate, to something if I think it is worthwhile. Certainly not everyone will do this, but hopefully enouygh people will to make the software a viable proposition.

i will confess that I am far less! likely to pay for something if I believe I am being asked to pay an unreasonable amount or indeed (as in the case of windows), practically buy something twice. i will say though this is perhaps where the independent software industry is far ahead of others, sinse indi developers are more in touch with their customers have nothing approaching a monopoly, so have to be more reasonable.

it almost reminds me of when i was in Egypt last year bargaining for things in the street markit. People wanted to sell, I wanted to buy, so we worked out an agreed price, --- with some help from our Egyption guide to see things didn't get too out of hand. Many people on the tour said it was a backwards practice, but it actually seemed in many ways more honest to me.

Btw, I will confess that is another thing that really doesn't incline me to be fond of jaws, ---- the patyment system seems blatantly exploitive.

with hal, I was bought an initial license back in 2000 with my uni grant, ---- though said initial license cost £600 at the time but is I believe now going for £400, about 600 usd.

this license lets me install Hal on up to three machines, ---- with a new key or machine available every six months (though sinse Dolphin know me they're quite happy if my

computer goes down to give me a new key anyway).

sinse then, hal upgrades, ---- which come out roughly every 18 months, cost around £120, --- about 180 usd, though I'm in no way beholden to buy said new version upgrades unless I want to (I completely missed version 8 sinse all it added was vista compatibility).

registrations are tracked online, so no need even to write in new keys beyond adding my name in a form.

Beware the Grue!


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