Hi Dark,
Oh, its going to essentially be the same game. It will have the same
story, same enemies, traps, puzzles, whatever. I could even make the
3d levels similar to there 2d counterparts simply by taking the same
levels and  simply redrawing each room as a true 3d object complete
with four walls, a floor, and a celing. Instead of a 2d room that is
say 20 by 8 I could just redraw that room to be 20 by 20 by 8 making
it 3d.  In other words instead of just length and height each room
will have a length, width, and height attribute.
The essential difference between the two versions is going to be 3d
specific features that you couldn't get in a 2d only game. For
example, obviously since the fps version is in 3d that offers you a
lot more freedom of movement. Instead of just being able to walk left
and right as well as climb up and down on ropes and things the fps
version will allow you to move foward, backward, left, right as well
as climb up and down on ropes, ladders, staircases, whatever.  As I
said far more freedom of movement.
Targeting will also be a bit different than you are use too. Since we
are talking about a truely 3d environment that means aiming your
weapons will be a bit trickier since the game will have to calculate a
true 3d vector from the player character to the target. For that
reason you may have to use the page up key to raise your weapon to
target a flying harpy, or use the page down key to lower your weapon
in order to target an enemy monster lower to the ground. This is a
feature of several mainstream games, and will be quite new to many
accessible gamers I think, but it is more realistic and shouldn't be
too hard to get use to.
As far as any other differences such as weather or not I'll keep the
random monsters and items I haven't decided. As I said a couple of
days ago there are pros and cons with both. If I keep it the games
will definitely be different from game to game which is good. If I get
rid of it then I have to figure out where to put everything and
rebalance the game which could be time consuming. So I'll cross that
bridge when I come to it.
In regards to more Tomb Hunter games I definitely plan on it. However,
the 3d fps game isn't going to be based on any of the stories I am
creating for Tomb Hunter II and so forth. For one thing I haven't
purchased all the sounds I need for Tomb Hunter II, and nor would I
create two different games seeing as the fps version is merely going
to be Mysteries of the Ancients done my way and the side-scroller is
the 2d version many people wanted to replace Montezuma's Revenge.


On 6/24/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> As a fan of both styles of game this deffinately pleases me, however I do
> have one question.
> Will the 3D version feature the same enemies, traps and obstacles as the
> side scroller version? ---- will we stil have harpies, centaurs etc? and
> will we stil be in griece?
> I was just wondering, sinse I know you've often spoken about carrying on the
> tombhunter series into further 3D adventures, whether this will be a
> different setting, ---- for instance an egyptian or Aztec toomb.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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