Hi Shaun,
Sorry, but I have decided to license the games separately. For one
thing that gives me two products to sell helping me raise capital for
more games I want to create. Plus the majority of those on preorder
status wanted a side-scroller so that is what they will get. The fps
version is something I chose to do on my own afterwards and since it
takes some extra work to convert the game over to an fps format. I
only feel it is right that I get some financial compensation for the
work involved in converting things over to a new format. Personally, I
don't think what I am doing is really out of line.
For example, mainstream game companies do this sort of thing all the
time. You can go to the store and find three different versions of
Tomb Raider Underworld available. One for Play Station 3, one for the
XBox 360, and your standard PC version. All of those are technically
the same game, but three different products in the eyes of the company
who produced them and the store who sells the games. You can tell them
to give you a copy of all three for one price, but I sincerely doubt
they will do it. They'll tell you you want all three versions you have
to buy all three versions. In this case I have to think of what is
good business rather than giving away extra work and a potential new
product for free.


On 6/27/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> aah probably would go.
> However if you could have it so when you get your reg code for one it
> will run the other to then that would rock.
> I really like both.
> fps is my main thing but I have been liking the scroler more and more.
> I will probably buy the game but I'd like to have both versions
> rather than having to choose what I want to really play.

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