Hi Muhammed,

Well of course Thomas has the right to ask for comments, suggestions etc about 
MOTA.  The only reason that I said anything is that every time that he asks he 
gets some people saying right and others saying left, some saying up and others 
saying down etc etc.  And some times he gets frustrated with this.  So I just 
suggested that to stop the frustration, stop asking.  That's it.


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Jim, he has the right to ask really. The reason he asks is that so he doesn't go in the wrong direction and and peoples apinyins. And rating on the plans.

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Hi Thomas,

I do not mean this to sound rude, or anything like that, but, maybe you should stop asking people what they would like to see in MOTA, or if this sounds better than that or this or that etc etc, and just finish the game as is. Then of course you could get on to games that you would like to create and hopefully those games will be great games that allot of people like and buy and of course make you happy to create and play.



Everyone is entitled to my opinion, just ask me...

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