Do you think Microsoft are doing only a few sales? At this moment they have the largest market share, mainly because of the miss conseption that you get what you pay for, so free software should be rubbish and because most games need microsoft. Also it is an infinite circle (the more people own microsoft os's, the more developers develop for microsoft.

People will rather pay a big amount for a product than hundreds of small installments if they can. It's psycological, one big payment is less open to question than hundreds of small ones. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Charles Rivard" <>
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Wouldn't Microsoft make more money if they would quit reinventing the automobile and charge a small fee for adding spokes or tires with different tread patterns to the wheels, improving performance, while cutting down the expense of development? This is, for the most part, what Freedom Scientific does with their products. While I don't mind paying for upgrades to their existing products, I will say that I would like to see more improvement with each upgrade than we get, but their approach is good. Build onto, or enhance, a good solid program rather than chucking it for all new. Charge a smaller amount for the enhancements than you would for a whole new product. I would not pay $995 every few years for a new screen reader or an OCR program like OpenBook, but I don't mind $75 a year for upgrades. I would think that, as a developer, I would rather get 500 payments of $75 every year than far fewer payments of $1,000 in that time period. A steady income is better than an occasional bonanza..

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