That is true Tom, however this also hinges upon the copywrite issue.

i have a program for instance entitled prince of persia total pack. This not only plays the original prince of persia game with a preconfigured dosbox, but includes innumerables mods, custome made levels, graphics, sfx etc, which you can change by mucking about with the property sheets.

Yet, officially this shouldn't exist and only does because several people hacked the game and created extra levels for it.

While I'm not exactly in favour of game hacking, in this case, extending a game 20 years beyond it's original release, pluss adding additional levels etc to it, i really can't see it as a bad thing, ---- afterall the developers (edos I believe), ARE ONLY CURRENTLY INTERESTED IN RELEASING FULL 3D pRINCE OF PERSIA GAMES ON MODERN MACHINES.



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